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On a sleepy summer afternoon of 1988, a shop attendant in KR Market, Bangalore; heard that a 20’x20’ shop was up for sale.

The selling price was low, but not for him. Being a daily wage earner with a pregnant wife, he knew that this was his chance to evolve from an employee to an owner. The money was arranged by selling the only asset he owned, his beloved, Bajaj Chetak.

Thus, begins the story of GS Timbers.

From these humble origins we have grown organically to become a firm specializing in the supply of timber and conversion of this timber into finished products.

Our products and services span the following areas:

– Silver Oak Wood – Runners and Planks
  Used primarily during the shuttering and concreting stage of construction

– Shuttering Plywood
  Used along with Silver Oak Wood in the shuttering and concreting stage of construction

– Casuarina Poles
  Used primarily for scaffolding, support frames and making sheds

– Bamboo
  Supply of raw bamboo as well as fabricating structures using bamboo

– Bison Boards
  Multi-purpose fiber cement boards with varied applications

– Furniture
  Trendy and concept based Epoxy-Resin-Wood Furniture

Over the years we have evolved from being the suppliers of raw materials to manufacturers of finished products and project executors.

Our artisans can convert bamboo into macro structures like cottages, gazebos, fences, window blinds, false ceilings, partitions etc. to micro products like cups, mugs, planters, lamps, baskets, penholders etc.

The in-house expertise in woodwork honed over the years, has helped us to quickly adapt, economize and apply ‘Epoxy-Resin-Wood’ concept to the production of furniture and other products.

With this range of products and services we have forged a solid relationship with reputed construction firms, architects, interior designers, landscapers and general customers.


We aim to be the absolute best at providing our products and services. Our customers should not only get an experience that is bang for their buck but also one which renders the existence of our competitors as irrelevant.


Transparency and honesty in interactions
Imagine, innovate & inspire ways to integrate wood into our daily life
Made in India, Made for the world
Brand that fuses functionality, efficiency with style and luxury
Economically priced quality products & services for all strata of the society
Relationship built on accessibility and efficient after sale service



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