Shuttering Plywood

A highly densified plywood with a smooth film coating on both sides of the faces and is primarily used for cement formworks during construction.

Sizes: 8’x4’ (height x width)

Thicknes: 12mm

Variants: 24 kg, 30 kg, 34 kg

– ISI certified with CML number

– Moisture Resistant (MR) or Boiling Water Proof (BWP) grade

Costing Unit: Costing on per square foot basis

Shuttering plywood is used to make the cast of ceiling, walls, drains, pillars etc, to pour concrete in it and give the concrete the required shape.
We deal in plywood manufactured in Kerala and Haryana which are the leading hubs of plywood manufacturing in India.

Our Shuttering Plywood Brands:

– Ecolush Film Faced Shuttering Plywood:
Our in-house brand manufactured to the highest levels of quality standards. This is a highly densified multi-fold ply that is coated with a superior quality of film face. Our product has been used in reputed construction projects and our customers are highly satisfied with its strength, nail holding capabilities, smooth film face which ensures a smooth finish to the concrete surface and its average repetition cycle of seven times.

– Velplex Film Faced Shuttering Plywood:
An economic alternative to Ecolush.

– Avron Film Faced Shuttering Plywood:
BWP grade plywood manufactured in Haryana and resistant to termites, borers. It is bend, warp proof and gives higher repetition numbers due to the smooth film face and internal composition. Its composed of several layers of phenolic resin-coated veneers. The top and bottom veneers are coated with double layer of water repellent phenolic films such that top film on either side is backed by a highly absorbent kraft sheet which increases abrasion-resitant and water resistant properties.

Our brand of shuttering plywoods displays balanced construction both parallel and perpendicular to the panel with equal strength in both directions. The phenolic layer is free from dents or pitches on the surface and give a mirror-like finish which imparts a smooth surface to concrete structures. They are non-corrosive and can withstand a high alkaline medium with cement concrete. As per customer feedback our shuttering plywood maintains unchanged technical characteristics throughout the whole period of use which results in more repetitions than conventional plywood, providing real value for money.

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