Bison Fiber Cement Plank

About Bison-fiber cement plank

Introducing a chance for every home to look beautiful. Bison Planks a world-class combination of wood and cement are perfectly bonded to provide better quality and longevity.
Bison Planks are a result of constant research and commitment to provide the best and right solutions while constructing. Trusted by architects and designers for decades, products by Bison are reputed for their durability and cost effectiveness.

The manufacturing process of Bison Plank involves the latest technological procedures. It involves a homogenous mix formation; curing and in an eco-friendly method. Due to its ultra-modern manufacturing process, the shrinkage level of the planks is negligible.
Whether it is traditional or post-modern, Bison Plank is the perfect solution for your architectural requirements.This plank is structurally and dimensionally stable, and is a value added replacement for wood and other sheet materials.
These planks can be used for cladding, wall partitions,decorative architectural elements, fencing, fascia siding etc; of your homes and offices. They can be customized to match your interiors in terms of colour and texture. They are low maintenance planks that can be easily painted and polished to blend well with your home decor.


Bison Plank comes to you with a host of benefits: These plank do not crack or warp or its, groin texture do not alter form for years in natural climatic conditions. It ‘demands minimum
maintenance like occasional painting and cleaning only. Bison Plank is absolutely termite and fire resistant, resistant to fungus, rat bites and free from toxic materials like asbestos. Moreover, since it combines the strength of cement and workability of wood, it offers higher level work flexibility. Weather resistance and sound insulation properties of the product make it adaptive to a wide variety of applications. Bison Plank is suitable for all sorts of residential, commercial projects as well as industrial installations.
• Durability
• Environment-friendly
• Economical
• High sound insulation
• Easy of work ability
• Fire resistant
• Thermal Insulation
• Weather resistance
• Insect resistance

Bison Plank Applications



Fascia siding

Wall Partition



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