Bison Fiber Cement Boards

About Bison Panel

Bison Panel is a cement bonded particle boardmade out of 62% cement 28% wood particles,balance water and other chemicals. Due to adoption of special manufacturing process, thepanel acquires the strength and durability ofcement and workability of wood.This multipurpose building board – a provenproduct in countries around the world isintroduced in India by NCL Industries Limited with imported technology from Bison Werke of Germany

Interior Applications

  • Superior qualities of dimensional stability, fire resistance and acoustic insulation make Bison Panel the ideal building material for houses and commercial complexes for partitions and wall panelling. It is ideally suited for replacing wood based panels for cupboards, table tops, fire doors etc. It can be used with great advantage, for false ceiling and false flooring as well. When laminated or tiled, it can bring in functional elegance and cost effectiveness in houses, offices, commercial centres, hospitals and public buildings.
  • High humidity areas such as bath rooms, kitchens etc., would find the water resistant quality of Bison panel a great advantage.

Exterior Applications

Bison Panel with its exceptional property of weather resistance, is ideally suited for all exterior applications. Its unique water resistant property would find it ideal for humid and wet areas, and it is used for wall & flooring panels in farm houses, dairies, animal sheds, etc.In conjunction with steel sections, these panels can provide the basic building material for pre-fabricated housing. This concept would save considerable time in execution of large housing projects resulting in economic advantages. It is best in applications such as project housing and defence camps where mobility and faster construction is required.


Bison Panel is the first choice, in many countries, as an alternative to wooden flooring, to suit different climatic conditions – as a thermal insulating floor, as a covering for under floor heating systems, hollow flooring, floating floors and mezzanine flooring.

Physical Properties

Transverse tensile strength (Internal Bond) 0.40N/mm perpendicular to surface(min)
Bending strength 9N/mm2
Compressive strength 15N/mm2 Perpendicular to surface
Density 1250/-KG.M3 average
Thermal insulation Thermal Conductivity Coefficient=0.22 W/m.k.
Sound insulation Sound reduction factor 18mm. thick panel: 35db
Surface spread of flame (fire rating) Tested in accordance with BS 476 “Fire test on building material and structure” – Part 6 & 7 classifies it as class ‘0″ building board with class ‘1’ surface spread of flame. Part 8 upto 21/2 hours.

Sound Insulation

Air borne sound reduction varies between 30 and 37 dB for frequency range 100-3150Hz according to thickness of Bison Panel. When used in stud
partitioning, a reduction of over 60 dB can beachieved with suitable construction.

Thickness (mm) 6 8 10 12 16 20 30 40
Reduction in dB 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

Star Features

  • Bison Panel is similar to timber or wood particle boards in workability. It can be cut with normal wood working tools.
  • Bison Panel can be drilled with hand or power drills.
  • Bison Panel can be nailed or fastened with screws.
  • Bison Panel edges can be precision cut to obtain different profiles like grooves, tongues,

    chamfers, etc. for accurate jointing.

  • Bison Panel’s smooth and hard surface permits usage as such, and can be painted directly.
  • Bison Panel can be surfaced and laminated with a variety of materials like tiles, foils, laminates

    or veneers to suit any decor.

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