Today’s modern kitchens have become the pride of the home makers. To posses latest gadgets and fitments available for kitchens is the dream of every housewife.

Hitherto for the core infrastructure or the shell for kitchen arrangements has been wood or plywood – over which elegant overlays and claddings are fixed to present a posh look.

But unfortunately the kitchen cabinets are often short lived due to menace of the termites and rats. Of late it is realized by users, that Bison Panel – the Cement Bonded Particle Board is THE BEST and everlasting as the core for kitchen platforms and cabinets.

Number of Companies dealing with ready made kitchen cabinets have already switched over to Bison Panels

The recommended false ceiling system for Bison Panel is the usual suspended grid system which has gained popularity in Building industry.

The thickness of the Bison Panel for false ceiling can be 6 mm or 8 mm depending on the requirement of thermal comfort. For better thermal comfort a 32 mm thick Thermocol may be cut to size and pasted on the top of Bison Panel stuck with diluted PVA based resin. The false ceiling can be either ‘T’ grid type or flush jointed type. In either case the longitudinal supports shall be spaced at 610 mm intervals and cross supports at 610 mm or 1220 mm centres.

Grid System

Grid can be made either with steel or aluminium Teesections or with timber with suitable wall line supports. The suspension arrangement can be with G.I. wires of adequate guage taken to required level from the sofit.

Bison Panels 6 mm and 8 mm thick arerecommended for false ceilings.
Thegrid shall be 610 x 610 mm or 610 x 1220 mm (2’0x 2’0 or 2’0 x 4’0.)
Inareas where change of humidity and temperatureare applicable and frequent it is recommended to adopt 610 mm x 610 mm grid only.

TheT-Sections (30 x 35 mm) for the grid frame rolledfrom 0.5 or 0.7 mm GI Sheet with prepainted Steel caps are available in the market. They come in a kit form comprising of longitudinal runners, cross bits and junction components.

Incase, Aluminium T-sections are used for the grid,the minimum thickness of the section shall be 1.2 mm and size 30 x 35 mm.

Suspenders can be either 8 swg G.I. wire or 0.7 x 12

mm G.I. flats. They are available in the market as coils.

The maximum distance allowed between suspenders in longitudinal direction and cross direction is 1220 mm or 4’0. Closer intervals may be adopted depending on the sofit conditions.

When false ceiling is under RCC slab, suspenders can be tied to suitable clamps fixed in the slab by drilling, screw fixing with self expanding caps. The screws and self expanding caps are available in the market in required size.



Itisnecessary to introduce a turn buckle inthe suspender for easy and faster levelling of the grid. Ordinary G.I. J-bolt can serve as turn buckle.

Itisimportant to fix wall angle perfectly tolevel as the level of the entire grid depends on the level of wall angle.

Wherever the lighting openings occur, extrasuspenders will have to be provided to take the load of the outfits. The panels will have to be painted in dry condition on both sides and the edges in particular before inserting them in the grid.

Aclearance of 2 mm shall be given betweenthe board and the grid on all sides for taking care of thermal expansion if any and / or easy insertion


The excellent qualities of fire resistance and accoustic insulation apart from natural resistance to weather, fungus, termite and vermin attack, makes Bison Panel an ideal choice for partitions, in residential, commercial, industrial complexes and public buildings.

 Bison Panel is an ideal material for many types of dry wall partitions including double skin, single skin, with steel and timber studs. These partitions are light in weight and economical

Bison Panel is highly resistant to Termite, Vermin and Rat bites. Apart from this, it is fire and moisture resistant. Since, it is heavier and stronger than wood, it is recommended for applications like fixed furniture and work-stations. It will serve excellently as planks required for built-in wardrobe in masonary walls and storage racks.

These applications can be suitably decorated with paint or lamination to match with the latest trends in interior designs.

Bison Panel with supports at 600 mm intervals can take 700 Kgs./Sqm. of live load by choosing right thickness of the panel.
Bison Panel proves to be an ideal replacement for wood panels in doors and windows. Bison panels, with its moisture proof advantage, are very effective in areas of high moisture and humidity, such as kitchens, bathrooms and balcony doors.

These panels are well equipped to handle weather hindrances and possess high dimensional stability. In addition the panels are fire, termite and impact resistant. Bison Panel products are highly sound insulated and are much more durable and economical as compared to other products


One of the prime use of Bison Panel is its use in construction of Prefab Homes. NCL Prefab Shelters are constructed in track and panel system with advantages of simplicity in construction, easy transportation, even to difficult terrains, remarkable speed of erection requiring no high skills or machinery.

The panel walls of the shelters are made in double skin with Bison Panels and placing of expanded polystyrene in between.

Assembly of the wall panels and roof trusses etc., will be by anti-corrosive steel profiles and structural steel sections as required. The roof will be with G.I. or color coated steel sheets.

The main advantages of the NCL Prefab Shelters are many : they are terrain and climate compatible, durable, comfortable and cost effective. Due to simplicity in design and speed of erection, these shelters are ideal for providing instant accommodation, cutting the project cost


Prelaminated Bison Panels are manufactured by NCL under the Brand name BISON Lam. Bison Lam contributes to exterior grade qualities like fire, water, termite and fungus resistance of the plain Bison Panel with a beautiful look and finishes of Laminated Board.

Bison Lam is available in thicknesses viz., 6 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm and 16 mm in shades like Natural Teak, Light Gray, Sea Beach and Ivory. The Lamination surface is impermeable to moisture and highly resistant to staining from Tea, Coffee, Washing Powder, Detergents etc. The surface can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

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