Bamboo Interiors

We bet bamboo is the last thing on your mind.

However, if you’re an interior designer, architect or just an individual looking for something unconventional, then you’re definitely missing a trick by ignoring bamboo.

In today’s age of over exploitation of natural resources, sustainable design can be achieved through the usage of materials that have the minimum amount of environmental impact. Not only do people search for stylish and trending designs, but also opt for building materials that are healthy. These healthy materials are the ones that have least impact on the ecosystem. Thus the use of bamboo in interior design comes into play. 

Bamboo comes with benefits such as sustainably and durability and has emerged as breakthrough material in the design industry. The plant itself is aesthetic in appearance and structure and adds to the interiors of the room. The delicate grainy texture of bamboo adds gravity to the interiors of any living space. The amber tone of bamboo ensures that it can easily blend in with any surroundings it is kept in.

Bamboo is also quite versatile and can adapt to any weather conditions. Changes in temperature, humidity, soil and climates does not affect its growth. The rate of growth of bamboo is so high that it does not require any usage of fertilizers or pesticides. That plant itself is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-pest and hence it does not require any other form of pest control.

There are versatile ways in which bamboo can uplift the décor of your surroundings, get in touch with us to know how.

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