Bamboo Blinds

To many a blind may just be a blind, but no blind is ever “just” a blind. They have the magical ability to create a cohesive flow throughout your home, as well as setting the tone for each space.

Bamboo Blinds have this ability to inspire nostalgia as a relic from our childhood or days long past. At The Bamboo Grove our effort is to re-introduce this wonderful product to the current generation and explore the different ways in which these could be used to liven up your décor.

As per our discussion with our clients, these are some of the properties that we have discovered about this product.

Texture: Bamboo blinds have a way of creating texture in a space, creating a room that has different levels of “depth”.

Maintainence: Bamboo blinds are minimal cleaning. A quick dusting, or vacumming, is all you need to zap that dust, which is not even visible to begin with. Plus, consider the dusting done if you open and close them everyday.

Light Filtering: They are the perfect “open/closed” blinds. The light shining through the little slats pains an interesting mosaic of light and shadows on the floor

Styles, Colors & Customisation: Our bamboo blinds can be customized as per your choice. The basic variant comes in natural wood shade or you can choose to customize them and have them painted in the shade of your choice. We can even cover them with a transparent plastic sheet on one side to provide additional protection to your blinds from the rain.

Versatile: Suitable for both indoor and outdoors

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