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A river in your living room….. is not in the realm of impossibility. Let a river table add that dash of wild sophistication to your décor. If river tables existed during the time of Albert Einstein, his answer to “what’s the eight wonder of the world?” would not have been ‘compound interest’ but ‘River Table’

River Tables are a refreshing new take on the traditional table design. These tables take the eye-catching live-edge wooden slabs and add a faux “river” made of a watery hue of epoxy.  

There is an unbelievable scope for customization. They can be fashioned to be modern, eccentric, minimalist, earthy, transitional, Bohemian, or even industrial design. All your quirks and moods perfectly reflected in your table. Also, as raw wood is used in its natural form to make the furniture. The grain pattern, curves and grooves may vary from the reference design. This further adds a deep level of personalization.


Every single one of these tables is handcrafted made by an artisan skilled in bringing out the true beauty of natural wood. They are also skillful blenders who know the perfect colors to add in an epoxy to produce a fantastical burst of color.

These tables can be made with a pair of slabs, one large piece of wood, or with smaller pieces of wood. The beauty lies in the details of the wood paired with the smoothness of the water-colored epoxy resin.

Using a river table as your coffee/dinner table is a sure ice breaker. This table is so beautiful that it doesn’t need any souvenirs or knick-knacks on it.

These versatile pieces of art are not just for homes. Place them in a board room and the rich wooden texture complementing the flow of the river adds the much needed tranquility to make calm, calculated, impactful decisions.

At Alchemy, we encourage you to get in touch with us and together we can create a piece of art that truly reflects your sensibilities. Our in-house team of designers and artisans can help transform an abstract vision into reality. We value open communication, transparent pricing, quality product, quick delivery and efficient after-sale service.


Standard Table Frames

The furniture is available with the below frames as a standard fixture. In case you prefer a edgier or a personal design, we can customise that as well.

Customised Table Frames

The table frames can be customized for design and materials at an additional cost as per the material and design chosen.


• Table Make: Walnut, Mahogany, Teak, Pine Wood
• Table Top Thickness: 1”-1.5”
• Table Height: Dinning – 30″| Center – 17”
• Table Base:
Metal : Standard Metal Frames Included in the price. Additional Cost for customized metal frame
• Wood: Customised frames in Acacia, Rubberwood, Teak at a nominal price
• Finish : Glossy or Matte
• Production and Dispatch Time 12-14 Days

• Available in following sizes:
2 Seater : 2’x2’
4 Seater : 4’x3’ / 5’x3’
6 Seater : 5’x3’ / 6’x3’
8 Seater : 8’x3’
Mega 8 Seater : 8’ x 4’
10 Seater : 9’x3’
Mega 10 Seater : 9’x4’

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